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If you have questions – attending, exhibiting, NASF membership, registration – we have the answers. Contact us at [email protected] or (202)-591-2454.

Our SUR/FIN, Awards, & TAC Committees:

SUR/FIN Committee
TAC Committee

Ben Stratton- Chair, Corrotec

Jeff Boehmer- Vice Chair, Columbia Chemical

Steve Smith- Past Chair, American Plating Power

Amanda Beach, Watersaver Faucet

J. R. Grogan, KCH Engineering

Patrick Hayden, Unimetal Surface Finishing

Ray Lucas, Valley Chrome Plating

Brad Majoy, Pavco

Bill Nebiolo, REM Surface Engineering

Mattew Paul, Dynapower

Awards Committee

Tony Revier- Chair, Uyemura International

Becky Bennett, Precision Plating Company

Bryan Leiker, K & L Anodizing

Jim Lindsay, NASF Technical Editor

Ray Lucas, Valley Chrome Plating

Milt Stevenson, Anoplate Corporation

Scott Walker, Products Finishing

Peter Gallerani, Integrated Technologies

Bill Nebiolo- Chair, REM Chemicals, Inc.

Tim Hall- Vice Chair, Faraday Technology

Brad Wiley- Past Chair, Rolls-Royce Corp.

Adam Blakeley, MacDermid Enthone

Fernando Carminholi, Hubbard Hall

Ling Hao, Lacks Enterprises

Dan Hooks, Los Alamos National Lab

Patrick Howe, Boeing

Katherine Lee, Faraday Technology

Jim Lindsay, NASF Tech. Editor

Dev Massimi, American Plating Power

George Milad, Uyemura U.S.A., Inc.

Caleb Morrison, Atotech, Inc.

Rob Pawson, Haviland U.S.A.

Waynie Schuette, Boeing Corp.

Be on the lookout for our SUR/FIN, Awards,  and TAC Committee members while onsite. Our trade show would not have been possible without them.