NASF Alliance Partners


American Plating Power, together with their partners, design and manufacture industrial power supplies – providing state of the art power supplies globally to electro chemical industries.


Established in 1982, AIAG is a not-for-profit association where professionals from a diverse group of stakeholders – including retailers, suppliers of all sizes, automakers, manufacturers, service providers, academia, and government – work collaboratively to streamline industry processes via global standards development & harmonized business practices.

Dynapower Company Logo

Dynapower has grown to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom AC and DC power supplies and custom transformers. We provide system solutions ranging in power from 10 kilowatts to 50 megawatts.

Process Technology Logo

Process Technology is the leading DC, pulse and reverse power supply manufacturer in the United States. We are dedicated to helping companies increase their market share while maximizing production capacity, maintaining a high level of quality, and increasing profitability of their products. Since our inception in 1971, we have introduced more than 500 rectifier models, showcasing our ability to be a complete solutions provider in the markets we serve.


The Nickel Institute is a nonprofit organization that represents the interests of 25 companies which together produce more than 75% of the world’s annual nickel output. We promote on behalf of our members the production, use and re-use (through recycling) of nickel in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


Official sponsor of pumps and filters: SERFILCO® is a global supplier of liquid handling equipment for chemical, surface finishing and other wet process applications. Headquartered in Northbrook Illinois since its inception in 1961, SERFILCO® has developed an enviable worldwide reputation for quality and innovation.

NASF Premier Partners


Coventya develops and supplies specialty chemicals for surface finishing in over 40 countries and 4 continents. Both captive and job shops capitalize on our innovative technology, responsive service and numerous OEM product approvals.

GOAD Company Logo

Do you wish tank linings would last longer? Are you frustrated with replacing “bag” liners? Only GOAD offers Patented (8,133,345) N-FUZE® lining technology , no weld failures – guaranteed, solid, stronger & fewer welds, double-protected corners, superior high performance Koroseal, 2-3 times service life; DuoBear® (Double Barrier) “Box” Liners; AnKorWeld® Liner-ings; Patented TANKeye® Monitoring/Leak Detection and so much more!

MacDermid Enthone Logo

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions innovates and manufactures chemical compounds for all surface coating applications including cleaning, activating, brightening, electro and electroless plating, phosphating, anti-tarnishing and rust inhibiting. Our products improve the durability and aesthetics of both metal and plastic surfaces. End use applications for our treatments include aerospace, automotive, electronics, luxury goods, oil / gas and sanitary fittings. In these industries, MacDermid Enthone is the supply chain partner who adds value to your business.

Process Electronics Corporation

Process Electronics (PEC) provides Udylite power conversion equipment that exemplifies engineered quality. For more than 70 years, PEC has been meeting demanding requirements worldwide with standard and custom designs of power supplies. This experience has served us well to create many innovations like our unique closed loop liquid cooling systems. Udylite power systems run cooler and last longer! We also provide NATIONWIDE service on all brands of power supplies!

NASF Executive Partners

American CRS Equipment

American CRS Equipment offers the largest range of high-power, modular, switchmode supplies available in the industry. With units designed to meet the demanding needs of the general metal finishing, automotive, aerospace, nanotechnology, industrial waste treatment and printed circuit board customers, American CRS Equipment is proud to combine customer-specific power conversion and control interface technology with optimal “solutions, support and service.”

Chemeon Logo

CHEMEON Surface Technology (formerly Metalast), with roots dating back to 1994, is a B2B provider offering hard material surface engineering solutions to its global customers. CHEMEON is the only Woman Owned Small Business in the world that is licensed by the US Navy to manufacture and provide MIL-SPEC QPD/QPL Hex Free/Trivalent Chromate Conversion Technology, specifically TCP-HF, TCP-HF EPA, TCP-HF SP and TCP-NP. CHEMEON’s services include parts processing, customized technical support, product testing and analyses, research and development, and advanced surface technology training classes in their Tech Center.

Corrotec Logo

Corrotec Incorporated is celebrating 30 years in business; designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing “custom built” equipment for the surface finishing industry. Corrotec’s team of engineers, fabricators and skilled trades have earned a reputation as an industry leader by demonstrating knowledgeable designs, rugged manufacturing and superb installations of high quality finishing systems.

Haviland Products Company

Haviland Products Company offers a complete line of surface finishing chemistry, from nickel, zinc and chrome plating to anodizing and passivates, we have the technologies you’re looking for. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can custom formulate it. The Surface Finishing division restarted in 1982 with a single plating process and a promise: Provide the best products possible.

Integrated Technologies Logo

Founded in 1987 by Peter Gallerani, Integrated Technologies, Inc. is a global consulting, engineering, and design-build firm based in Burlington, Vermont. We specialize in manufacturing processes, water and wastewater treatment, recycling, and ventilation applications for the metal and surface finishing industry. We have been an industry leader for nearly 30 years and our experience includes numerous projects with aerospace, defense, MRO, automotive, electronics, and general metal finishing applications and clients.


KCH Engineered Systems provides air pollution control solutions to metal finishers serving aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. Their corrosion-resistant wet scrubbers, gas scrubbers, chrome scrubbers, blowers, ductwork and mist eliminators are among the most durable and efficient on the market and are specially designed to meet or exceed client emissions requirements. KCH products are custom designed and fabricated in its Forest City, NC engineering and manufacturing facilities to ensure the maximum possible consistency and quality control. This year, KCH will be featuring their POLYSTRONG™ and POLYLAST™ materials, which offer ultra-durable construction for pollution control systems.

KC Jones Logo

KC Jones has served domestic and international markets for over a half-century with value-added solutions and processes that enhance the strength, durability and appearance of industrial components. Engineered metal finishing is only one element of KC Jones’ services. we provide total solutions, including design, engineering and testing.

Kraft Powercon Logo

KraftPowercon is a global company with production facilities in Sweden, China and India. We offer innovative solutions, products and services within industrial power supply that make your processes secure, more reliable, as efficient as possible and improves your availability. In short – by guaranteeing your power supply, we ensure that you can focus on optimizing your core business.

Palm Logo

Built on a foundation of quality and service for over thirty years, Palm Commodities International, LLC is a premier international supplier of high quality specialty chemicals and metals to the surface finishing, battery, catalyst, and electronics industries.

PriceWalgren Logo

PriceWalgren is a world leader as a turnkey system manufacturer for anodizing equipment, hoists, barrel plating equipment lines, electroplating equipment for companies worldwide!

Sidasa Engineering Logo

SIDASA Engineering is one of the world’s leading integrated surface treatment company. Our success is driven by more than 58 years experience and our team operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We develop machines to satisfy your needs in many fields of the surface treatment industry. We research for design, manufacturing and commissioning of fully automated plants.

Techmetals Logo

Techmetals offers engineered and performance coatings to increase the life and performance of critical equipment & processes. Their coatings address wear resistance, anti-galling, dry lubrication, corrosion resistance, grip, release, hardness, shielding, NSF, cytotoxicity, bio burden, electrical, low coefficient of friction, & others. Techmetals is unique in its ability to offer Research and Development capabilities.

Technic Inc

Since its inception in 1944, Technic Inc. has remained a financially strong private corporation and has established a global reputation for technical excellence in the electro-deposition of precious metals. Following the expansion of our product lines through organic growth, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions, Technic has grown to be a global leader in: Specialty Chemicals, Surface Finishing Equipment, Engineered Powder and Flake, and Analytical Control Tools.

Univertical Logo

Univertical has been serving the worldwide plating industry since 1938 with the highest quality, highest purity, and best customer service. Our high-purity anodes, high-purity chemicals, and cyanides are in use all around the globe. You will find our products in 33 states and 18 countries.