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To renew your membership, you must log into the portal, and select My Profile and then Make a Payment from the dropdown menu. Please note, if you are a corporate member, you must be the Primary Contact of your organization to renew your membership. If you have not yet logged into our new portal, please follow the directions here
If you belong to an NASF chapter, please communicate with your chapter point of contact to discuss your renewal process. 

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Your support as a valued member of NASF has been instrumental to our growth and success. Your membership and involvement with NASF are deeply appreciated.

Important Dates

November 15: Dues renewal period opens
January 1: All exhibitors who wish to receive the early-bird booth cost must join or renew their membership
March 31: Grace period ends, and all non-members will no longer receive NASF member benefits

Member Benefits Overview

Some of the benefits of being a member include receiving member-only preferred pricing as well as member-only access to NASF’s courses, events, and more. As a member, you will have access to technical expertise, relevant regulatory information, and world-class industry training. 

As a member, you can enjoy a monthly public policy update, quarterly access to free government and industry update webinars, and a monthly newsletter including all upcoming events, updates, courses, and more.

Most excitingly, all courses and exams are discounted by 25% and you also receive discounted access to all annual events including SUR/FIN, the Leadership Conference, and Washington Forum. 

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