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Foundation Custom Courses are the single most effective way to:

On-board new employees quickly and efficiently

  • Train existing workers in new skills or specialties
  • Update employee knowledge in operations areas such as pollution prevention and energy conservation

They are a high-value opportunity for those who want to earn CEF, CAF, or MSF certification – the “gold standards” for finishing industry education worldwide.

We've Made "Custom" Convenient!

Foundation Customized Courses are developed to suit the sponsoring company or government entity, and its objectives. You specify the location, the dates, and the attendees, and we do the rest. Our instructors are all experts in their field, with substantial experience in communications and training – and great enthusiasm for their subject specialties!

Courses are 2-4 days in length and are crafted from a broad menu of subjects. Each module takes 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete; one day is typically 5-6 modules. Click on the course options below to view details.

Airline/Aerospace Finishing

CAF Certification and credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Electroplating Basics
  2. Corrosion of Metals
  3. Hydrogen Embrittlement
  4. Metals & Alloys Utilized in Aerospace
  5. Chemical Surface Preparation of Substrates for Plating Substrates
  6. Mechanical Surface Preparation
  7. Masking Techniques
  8. Quality Conformance Testing
  9. Plating Solution Maintenance
  10. Chem Film
  11. Zinc and Manganese Phosphating
  12. LHE Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating
  13. Cadmium Ti-Cad and Nickel-Cad Diffused Coatings
  14. Copper & Silver Plating
  15. Sulfamate & Nickel Strike Plating
  16. Hard Chromium Plating
  17. Anodizing Aluminum
  18. Electroless Nickel Deposition
  19. Brush Plating
  20. Stripping
  21. Thermal Spray & PVD

Aluminum Finishing

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Metallurgy of Aluminum
  2. Mechanical Finishing of Aluminum
  3. Preparing Aluminum for Anodizing & Plating
  4. Aluminum Bright Dips & Electropolishing
  5. Etching & Chemical Milling of Aluminum
  6. Equipment Requirements for Anodizing
  7. Anodizing Aluminum in Chromic Acid & Alternate Solutions
  8. Type II-Sulfuric Acid Anodizing of Aluminum
  9. Coloring of Anodized Aluminum
  10. Sealing Methods for Anodized Aluminum
  11. Hard coat & Alternate Anodizing Solutions
  12. Conversion Coatings on Aluminum

Chromium Plating for Engineering Applications
(Hard Chromium Plating)

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Chemistry for Hard Chromium Platers
  2. Electricity for Hard Chromium Platers
  3. Electrochemistry for Hard Chromium Platers
  4. Hydrogen Embrittlement
  5. Equipment for Hard Chromium Plating
  6. Masking Techniques
  7. Chemical Surface Preparation
  8. Mechanical Surface Preparation
  9. Basic Chromium Plating Principles
  10. Analysis & Control of Chromium Plating Solutions
  11. Troubleshooting & Purification of Chromium Plating Solutions

Corrosion & Salt Spray

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Corrosion Principles Part 1
  2. Corrosion Principles Part 2
  3. Salt Spray Equipment
  4. Salt Spray Cabinet Maintenance & Operation
  5. Preparing, Exposing & Evaluating Parts
  6. Common Salt Spray Failures
  7. Alternate Accelerated Corrosion Tests


Credit towards MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Introduction to Electroforming
  2. Electrochemistry for Electroforming
  3. Electroforming with Nickel-Part 1
  4. Electroforming with Nickel-Part 2
  5. Mandrels: Types, Materials, Design & Preparation
  6. Copper and Gold Electroforming Solutions
  7. Electroforming Applications-Part1
  8. Electroforming Applications-Part2

Environmental Stewardship: Pollution Prevention

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Best Operation Practices for P2
  2. P2 for Cleaners & Acids
  3. Ion Exchange Concepts for P2
  4. Electrolytic Systems for P2
  5. Evaporative Systems for P2
  6. Membrane Systems for P2
  7. Pollution Prevention for Electroplating Processes
  8. Pollution Prevention for Aluminum Finishing
  9. Pollution Prevention for Stripping
  10. Alternatives to Electroplating

Environmental Stewardship: Wastewater Treatment

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Chemistry of Water Part 1
  2. Chemistry of Water Part 2
  3. Water Quality Issues
  4. Introduction to Wastewater Treatment
  5. Process Instrumentation
  6. REDOX Treatment Methods
  7. Advanced Alternative Wastewater Treatments
  8. Solid-Liquid Suspended Solids Separation
  9. Carbon Treatment of Wastewater
  10. Treatments for Oily Wastewater

Electroless Deposition

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Overview of Electroless Nickel Plating
  2. Properties of Electroless Nickel Deposits
  3. Equipment for Electroless Nickel Plating
  4. Pre and Post Plate Processing in Electroless Nickel Plating, Part 1
  5. Pre and Post Plate Processing in Electroless Nickel Plating, Part 2
  6. Electroless Nickel Plating Solutions
  7. EN Operating Variables
  8. Troubleshooting EN Plating Solutions
  9. Quality Control for EN
  10. Electroless Deposition on Plastics
  11. Electroless Deposition of Gold & Cobalt

CEF Certification and credit toward MSF Certification upon passing exam

  1. Chemistry
  2. Electricity
  3. Electrochemistry
  4. Metallic Corrosion
  5. Part Fabrication
  6. Barrel, Rack & Other Plating Methods
  7. Hull Cell & Other Test Cells
  8. Rinsing
  9. Filtration & Purification of Surface Finishing Solutions
  10. Preparing Metals for Plating
  11. Testing of Plated Deposits
  12. Zinc Plating
  13. Chromates, Phosphates & Black Oxide
  14. Copper Plating
  15. Nickel Plating
  16. Chromium Plating
  17. Precious Metals Plating Part 1: Silver, Palladium, Ruthenium
  18. Precious Metals Plating Part 2: Gold, Platinum, Rhodium
  19. Alloy Plating
  20. Electroless Nickel Plating
  21. Anodizing

Industrial & Precious Metal Plating

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Preparing Metals for Plating, Part 1: Copper, Zinc, White Metal, Aluminum
  2. Preparing Metals for Plating, Part 2: Ferrous Alloys, Nickel Alloys and Others
  3. Reel to Reel Plating
  4. Industrial Nickel & Nickel Alloy Plating Processes
  5. Gold Plating
  6. Decorative Gold Plating
  7. Silver Plating
  8. Palladium, Palladium-Nickel, Platinum, and Rhodium Plating
  9. Tin Electroplating
  10. Modern Alternatives to Electroplating

Plating Essentials

  1. Plating Calculations
  2. Introduction: Chemistry, Electricity and Electrochemistry
  3. Electroplating Equipment
  4. Rack and Barrel Plating
  5. Types of Plated Parts
  6. Preparing Parts for Plating
  7. Popular Plating Processes
  8. Common Plating Defects
  9. Stripping Electroplating Deposits

Zinc & Zinc Alloy Plating

Credit toward MSF certification upon passing exam

  1. Electroplating Basics for Zinc Platers
  2. Introduction-Zinc Coatings
  3. Preparing Metals for Zinc Plating
  4. Cyanide Zinc Plating
  5. Non-Cyanide Alkaline Zinc Plating
  6. Acid Chloride Zinc Plating
  7. Zinc Alloy Plating Part-1: Zinc Nickel
  8. Zinc Alloy Plating Part-2: Zinc Cobalt
  9. Zinc Alloy Plating Part-3: Zinc Iron
  10. Chromate Conversion Coatings for Zinc Plating

Specialty Topics: Energy Conservation

  • Energy Conservation: Understanding Utility Costs
  • Basic and Innovative Methods of Energy Conservation
  • Energy Conservation and Rectifiers/Tanks
  • Energy Conservation in Ventilation Systems
  • Energy Conservation in Metal Finishing Solutions
  • Energy Conservation in Lighting and HVAC

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