Grant Research

The AESF Foundation has been partnering with universities for the past few years, funding research in the surface finishing industry.

Currently, the foundation is partnering with The University of Georgia, The University of Illinois, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Wayne State University

Check out a Q&A from our grant awardees to learn more about their research!

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Research Progress Reports

AESFF Research Project #121: Development of a Sustainability Metrics System and a Technical Solution Method for Sustainable Metal Finishing, Wayne State University- Dr. Yinlun Huang
AESFF Research Project #122: Electrochemical Approaches to Treatment of PFAS in Plating Wastewater, University of Georgia- Dr. Qingguo Huang
AESFF Research Project #120: Electrochemical Destruction of Perfluorooctanesulfonate in Electroplating Waters, The University of Illinois- Dr. Brian P. Chaplin
AESFF Research Project #123: Electrochemical Manufacturing for Energy Applications, University of Texas at Dallas- Dr. Majid Minary