Certification Criteria

The Gold Standard for Finishing Industry Education Worldwide

Students can achieve multiple levels of certification through the education foundation. Starting with the Certified Aerospace Finisher (CAF) and Certified Electroplater-Finisher (CEF) exams, students can progress to Master Surface Finisher (MSF) by passing five of the additional exams listed below. As they pass exams, students will have a number assigned to their title to signify their progress.

Certified Aerospace Finisher (CAF)

Complete Parts 1 & 2 of the Airline & Aerospace Finishing
course and pass the CAF Exam

Certified Electroplater-Finisher (CEF)

Pass Parts 1 & 2 of the Electroplating and Surface Finishing Exam

Master Surface Finisher (MSF)

Individuals pursuing their MSF designation will complete a total of six exams:

Primary: (Choose 1)

Airline & Aerospace Finishing (CAF)
Electroplating & Surface Finishing (CEF)

Core: (Choose 3)

Aluminum Finishing
Chromium Plating for Engineering Purposes
Electroless Deposition
Precious Metals Plating
Zinc & Zinc Alloy Plating

Secondary: (Choose 2)

Corrosion & Salt Spray
Environmental Stewardship: Pollution Prevention
Environmental Stewardship: Wastewater Treatment