Jeff Szotek - Sr. Technical Specialist, Stellantis

Keynote Lecture

Thursday, June 8
9:10 AM – Show Floor Stage

Jeff Szotek is a Stellantis Senior Technical Specialist in the Materials and Sustainability Engineering group responsible for Decorative Metallic Finishes and is the Global Lead for Decorative Chrome Electroplated Finishes.  After achieving a Bachelor’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago and a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Michigan, Jeff began his career at the Udylite Division of OMI in 1985.  As a research chemist.  Jeff developed products for pretreatment systems, electroless nickel and alkaline non-cyanide copper electroplating before moving into technical management and marketing positions. Jeff joined Stellantis in 2005 where he works with suppliers developing and validating state of the art metallic finishes including Paint over Chrome, PVD, and Satin processes.  His current focus is implementing trivalent chrome and chrome-free etch technologies, leading Stellantis’ major sustainability goal to eliminate hexavalent chromium and perfluorinated materials from electroplated components. 

Tim Hall, Ph.D. - Research Director, Faraday Technology, Inc.

Blum Lecturer

Thursday, June 8
1 PM – Show Floor Stage

Training the next generation of surface finishers and electroplater is a worthy cause for each of us and one that the NASF/AESF has shepherded for years. Tim Hall will share how he was inspired by his mentor and several interesting discoveries throughout his learned as a mentor and mentee. Please join us for this inspiring and enlightening lecturer and gain insights into how Europe is taking the lead in training the next generation. Afterward join us at the Young Professional reception find a mentor or become one.

Sharon Miller - NASA Glenn Research Center

Plenary Lecturer

Wednesday, June 7
10:10 AM – Show Floor Stage

Sharon Miller is a senior research engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center and has worked there for 42 years. She has published over 120 papers and holds 7 patents. Her area of research specializes in space environment effects on spacecraft materials. She has also been heavily involved in the development of coatings and surface modification techniques to make materials more durable to space environments and/or to enhance properties such as heat transfer and optical performance for Earth applications as well as space-based applications. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, from Cleveland State University; Masters in Materials Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University; and Master’s in Business Administration, also from Case Western Reserve University.