Replacement Chemicals

Replacement Chemicals Safety of EPA-compliant replacement FTS 6:2

What are plating facilities using instead of PFOS?

Today’s fume suppressant formulations use a short-chain PFAS, 6:2 fluorotelomer sulfonate, which has been shown to be safer than PFOS.  However, the metal plating industry is working to transition to processes that do not require PFAS at all, including PFAS-free fume suppression and use of trivalent chrome plating, where possible

More information about non-PFOS mist suppressants:
Non-PFOS, Permanent Mist Suppressants for Hard Chromium Plating, Decorative Chromium Plating and Chromic Etch Applications

Are fume suppressants in use by plating facilities safe?

The primary chromium fume suppressant is a fluorinated compound (referred to as 6:2 FTS), which is rapidly eliminated from the body, has low toxicity, and is not bioaccumulative.

Summary of Toxicology Studies on 6:2 FTS and Detailed Technical Support Documents.