NASF 1000 Fundraiser Nets Over $1,700 at SUR/FIN 2017

Don Walsh from Uyemura was the lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle in the NASF 1000 at SUR/FIN’s Industry Night. He happily donated most of his winnings to increase this year’s contribution at SUR/FIN to over $1,700. GAC member and NASF 1000 promoter, Ray Lucas, saluted Don for his generosity and wished him well as he heads into retirement.

Thanks to the support of industry leaders the NASF 1000 fund has grown to $400,000. While the NASF 1000 was initially envisioned as a 5-year commitment, industry’s support continues. The NASF 1000 was established to ensure that the industry would have funds to mount significant challenges to – or defend against – regulatory, legislative or activist group actions that threaten our livelihoods and our industry. All of the funds from the NASF 1000 program are used exclusively to support specific legal and related projects and initiatives that fall outside our day-to-day public policy and government affairs activities.

For those who have contributed to the NASF 1000 fund regularly, thank you for your support and leadership. On behalf the other leaders in the industry, we ask that you make a commitment today and join the NASF 1000. Contributions to the NASF 1000 fund are literally an investment in guaranteeing the future of our industry.

More information on the NASF 1000 program is available on the NASF website at If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Jeff Hannapel at 202-257-3756 or

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Leadership Spotlight: Rebecca Bennett

Becky BennettRebecca Bennett (a.k.a. Becky) started at Precision Plating in April of 1973, in the Chemical Laboratory while attending college at night to get a degree in Business Administration. When she started, the EPA and OSHA had only been in existence for about 2 years and in a few short years of employment, Becky worked her way into the Environmental and Safety areas. She created all the regulatory procedures and training programs currently in use at Precision Plating and conducts the majority of the Safety Related Training Programs for all 3 shifts.

Precision Plating has always been a family owned business and was started by Robert Zacharias in 1904. The company started out electroplating picture frames in gold and silver, switching to electroplating military parts as America entered into World War II in 1941. The company was bought by Jim Belmonti in 1989; Jim’s 3 children took over the operation in 2008. Precision Plating is primarily a precious metal electroplater specializing in reel to reel operations, even though one third of the business contains traditional rack and barrel operations. In the last 15 years, Precision Plating has also secured many jobs requiring tri-metal (Cu, Sn, Zn) electroplating.

Becky was asked to join the Chicago Metal Finishers Institute (CMFI) in 2002 and was nominated by her peers to represent the CMFI on the National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF) in 2005. Becky had the honor to serve as President of the CMFI in 2011 and worked on the committee that helped to structure the joining of the CMFI with the Chicago AESF. The two groups have since changed their names to the Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF. While on the national NASF Board, Becky has had the opportunity to work on the Job Shop Committee and the GAC.

Becky has worked with the Chicago Surface Finishing Foundation (CSFF) golf committee for the past 3 years; with the money earned from the golf outing, the CSFF has been able to provide complimentary industry training courses for Chicago Area Members. She was part of the committee that coordinated the first, very successful Sustainability Summit for the Chicago Area in 2016 and is again part of the committee preparing for 2nd Annual Sustainability Summit to be held in Lake Geneva, WI on October 12th – 13th.

Becky is the oldest of five siblings and has two daughters and three grandsons. Becky’s hobbies are photography and scrapbooking and loves to work in her yard as she finds it is therapeutic after a long day in the plating facility.

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