NASF Files Legal Challenges to EPA’s Final Chromium Electroplating NESHAP

On November 19, 2012 the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) filed a legal challenge of EPA’s final chromium electroplating NESHAP with petition for judicial review in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and a petition for reconsideration with EPA. In its petition for reconsideration, NASF argued that EPA should reconsider the final NESHAP for chromium electroplating and anodizing facilities because the Agency’s final decision is not supported by sound science, does not have a rational basis in the record, relies on data and methodologies that are a departure from and not a logical outgrowth of the proposal, and is otherwise arbitrary.

In addition to NASF, Earthjustice also filed a legal challenge on behalf of Sierra Club claiming that the final rule was not stringent enough. These actions put NASF in the position of trying to persuade EPA to revise the final rule to more reasonable levels based on scientific data, while at the same time trying to prevent EPA from making the rule even more stringent pursuant to the claims of the Sierra Club.

NASF will continue to pursue this issue aggressively and will be seeking the full support of the surface finishing industry. If you have any questions or would like additional information on the legal challenge and NASF’s actions, please contact Jeff Hannapel at

Download the Petition for Judicial Review

Download the Petition for Reconsideration

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Sales and Marketing VP Promotes NASF – SUR/FIN

In a recent article published by Products Finishing Magazine, former SUR/FIN Chairman and industry sales- marketing executive, Steve Smith applauded the NASF Technical Advisory Committee and NASF leadership for its steadfast commitment to attract high quality attendees to SUR/FIN, the Association’s annual Manufacturing/Technology Tradeshow & Conference. The conference, held annually in June, is widely touted as an exceptionally focused event for the surface finishing industry. “Of particular note was the high quality of attendees. The show drew key decision makers and people with active projects.”, stated Smith. This is high praise coming from Smith, who was not only SUR/FIN 2012 Chair, but an exhibitor as well. “The time and expense invested comes back several-fold. I would encourage other companies in the industry that might be sitting on the side lines to become more involved with NASF on the local or national level. The exposure you will receive is well worth it.”

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